I thought someone would have posted this by now, but what happened, what were the results? and does anyone have videos? Who was blowing? 

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large winner -  Central
Medium winner- P.A. Memorial
small winner - Jeff Davis

I was really surprised be the results

What all bands were in attendance?


Stephen f austin, jeff davis,westbury, port author, jack yates, beaumont central, southwood, peaboy, and north forest

Me to but why were you surprized?


Who was Grand Champion?

Nevermind, I am watching the clips now


yates should of beat jeff davis westbury should of beat pa memorial 

westbury is the best at drilling , but they PUT themselves into these medium large categories so i think judges (already having hard choices with picking a winner out of the big bands) can always use that as an excuse.  But maybe the director wants his band to have more of a challenge.  Doesn't always make sense though.

I've never understood that either. You lose on sound points when you go up against a larger group. A loss is a loss. Not sure how doing that improves moral.

are you baseing this of of drill or sound??... or over all show????? I dont get it???..DA WELL

Joshua Taylor said:

yates should of beat jeff davis westbury should of beat pa memorial 

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