Nice job by the Legion.  I must say, I expect the A&T/NSU matchup to be a treat for the audience. Hot Ice was better here than when I saw them at Queen City.

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They did look better. Where is the lie?
Well, I enjoyed the NSU Prince Show (Although, I could have sworn AAMU did a Prince show in 2016. (smile) The band looked and sounded good.

I would argue that NSU's twirler and flag corps, separately, rival (if not top) Golden Delight as an all in one. The only point of debate would be the dance units.

I liked Hot Ice here (even if I did get a hint of 14K :-) and I would like to see this routine cleaned up and possibly some of the tricky parts (ie the ending) made more achievable.

All in all, great job!

The Twirler was not apart of Norfolks Band program, she was a Guest.. 

Hot Ice did well but I can tell the Caption is turning the Squad into a Collegiate version of her former High School.... If you know, you know...... Its a good look for them but Clean up the what should be easy parts for a Dancer before doing the "stunts"

Gotcha.  The twirler was still good, though.

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