This thread can get deleted if it needs to, just wanted to explain since asked. 

Perfect example on 1st count. 

Look at how Danni extends her arm and keeps her focus all the way to her finger tips. 

That's what I mean by nuances. 

It completes the move, enhances the count, and gives the dramatics.

The only person I saw that did it, and hung with Danni this entire performance was Gabby, which this performance was when I saw "captain" in her.

Completing every move and delivering the right dramatics for the mood.

Nuances to me is about being detailed, filling the gaps, throwing the right counts and delivering the right dramatics. It's filling and what makes performances great. Example.

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WHS fan, my bad, and thats fair how you see it as well.

There was honestly a person in the other thread asking me to please explain what I meant by nuance, and I was unable to before the thread locked, which is why Im here. Im still unsure about some of yall, but yeah. We can leave it at that.

Works for me.

On to the GGs

The Dolls definitely have a different feel to them.

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