Ohhh boy now bethune dude has something say........ Stuff is getting out of hand

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Yall want to know something about this cat? Dude is only coming out with this nonsense simply because...well....he received no love at the school. When your egoism is killed, your attention is set to make your attention known. Like when he mentioned this were a bad experience for him, it could not have been with the marching band. He purposely rapped this whiney gesture because of a time he was boo'd from a talent show.


Many of our instiutions have these kinds of character. People who smelling themselves expecting every appraisal but falture to realize "Yeen ain shit!" until your respect is earned. B-CU along with FAMU, in fact many universities are tough crowds to egoism unless you solely earn the hearts of many by making an exciting statement for your self.


In reality, we are not grown until our parents have parrished or release their control over you. Upbringing plays a vital roll to whom attends our schools. A plural amount of students never were parented and glorifies the hoodwinked reputation of what society is all about based upon censored media, something the majority of us grew up on in our childhood (For those of us whom are in our early 20's, late teens)

Man...my section leader TOLD ME to go practice my music...I'mma sue my whole damn institution!

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