The 2015 - 2016 season and drawing to a close and we all know what that means; the discussions and debates on who should be your favorite team's captain and/or captains and what would you like to see different about said squad for the 2016 - 2017 season. So who should lead your squad and what would you like to see from them next year?

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I'm excited to see what Golden Delight will do next year.. How can you not be?.. I really hope that Cierra becomes a captain.  

Yessss..Keith is graduating so this will be Mr.Haymer first drum major he picked under his reign.

I like Mitchell but I think she could work on control  when shoe moves in the stands just a tad bit..Sometimes to me she looks she might be over doing the moves or something, I don't know BUT I can see her passion . Amber has been a lil boring to me this season.  However there is something about her that says captain. She looks like she would be able to command the attention and respect from her squad.
Mehgan James said:

Dolls: Stamper would be the obvious choice. I think she is going to bring that S Cole feel back to the dolls. In my opinion it's what they're missing.

Jsettes: I would honestly love to see Brie. She has stepped it up this season.

Stingettes: People sleep on Mitchell and Talia. They both are beast, and would carry on Asia's legacy
Amber would be a great fit too. I just do not know about Tey...

I agree with you 100%!!  However I believe that if Connor was to do another rip which I doubt she does, she would have probably been the choice and I only say that because she and Stamper came in the same time and in Kaylas absence she was the one that was chosen to lead by I guess Haymer and DT. I am only guessing that she (Conner) was their preferred choice.
P.H. said:

I remember someone mentioning that this might be Shadiamond's last year dancing. Supposedly, she isn't coming back next year. Silva struggles as ace. I can't see her being captain. Technique isn't everything. Hell, even Asia said that. I don't get flair, ingenuity, detail or nuance from her. I don't see it. 

Heh. I'm with you! Even if Connor does another rip, I'd much prefer Stamper. Connor's style is cute, but she plateaued, in my opinion. 

K.K. said:

Sting:  So many possibilities.

I don't think Tey will even return next season. I was surprised to see her return this year as a dance major, and since next year is her senior year, I wouldn't be surprised if she sat out.

Everybody wants Amber, I don't see it happening. She didn't dance like she wanted it this year, and even though she's been one of Bridgette's favs in the past, Bridgette LOVES her some Silva this year. Not to mention, Silva has the technical edge over Amber.

A lot of people want Mitchell, but I'm not sure she'd be the best fit. ShaDiamond still hasn't fully grasped the Sting style (she actually took a few steps back this year), so pretty sure it won't be her.

My favorite for the position is Talia. She has the leadership experience and she's far and beyond the most well rounded dancer on the squad.

It's honestly anyone's guess, but I'm gunning for Talia as my #1 and Silva as my #2.

Dolls:  I think Stamper is a no-brainer. If Maya gets captain, I'm revoking my Doll fanclub membership. And let's not even entertain the thought of Connor staying another year..... she did GREAT for those few performances, but it's time to move on.

Settes:  Feels like Cip is the obvious choice, but Brie could really work as a two-year. I wouldn't be mad either way, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Cip.

GGs:  Would LOVE to see Caleda as a two year captain.


I think Brie for Settes because people sleep on her, she is talented and skilled and would carry on what Dom started, I can't wait till the hbob field routine
Yup this is his senior year. He crabbed with Dani and Kayla. I'm gonna miss Keith as drum major. But I'm also wondering who is gonna be the new drum major and how they go about the process of choosing one.
I think they pick someone who is already in the band . because all the past drum majors play'd in th band at least a year . because Keith play'd cymbals his freshman year .
You are approach by the band director themselves to drum major. and usually a alumnae or the past drum major will train you during the summer.
I want Ms. Jordan Ezell to be th next Doll captain. Jordan's form and energy is unmatched. Jordan bring its on the field and the stands. Jordan has the best Doll strut.
But Diamond CAN'T come back, and that is a fact. I thought we were talking out with the OLD and in with the NEW? LOL I guess

L.B. said:
delight-brianna/desiree. want to see more fiery counts like this year. and uptempo routines.

stingettes-i guess tey would be ok. better field shows.

jsettes-would love for diamond to come & do another year. revamp some old school classic routines. like " maneater, soft & wet, jam, or 7 day weekend. better ramp kicks.

Stingettes I say Tey Mitchell or Amber either one would slay as capt... But I'm leaning towards Tay

Motion- I say Quin Krystal Shon Jasmine or Jermani either one will do at this point

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