I could have seen Deja as a tail she killing it in Brie's absence, Brie holds the spot down also though.

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Yes Morgan is bringing that 2014 FIYAAH! And Dejai been eating her spinach b/c she is back there serving Brie-Lite.  I live!

I can't wait to see what she has in store for us Saturday.. How everybody talking she bringing that heat Saturday
Well from the ppl on the campus and from what she told me! She coming to slay! I'm ready! They are dancing to Motown Philly and the boom is bringing Jam back
Seems like the boom is going to give them something to work with on the field. I hope they can do it justice

I wish they were dancing to Jam instead. Motown Philly is too slow for a field show.

Well they might dance to it before the season is over
It was a perfect drill song that kept the energy high

I hope so.

Who made cuts?
Not sure but it was said that 10 were dancing
Probably and most likely Morgan, Kristen, Kayla, kat, niani, cam,makayla, Dejai, Brie and it's rather kionna or Mary
Katt, & Niani didn't make cuts


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