I could have seen Deja as a tail she killing it in Brie's absence, Brie holds the spot down also though.

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I just don't know what 2 say about the J-Settes....from the stands to the field...none of it held my attention and I can't stand seeing only 8 or 9 girls in the stands it takes away from the overall look....and the band is another story within itself...tsu murdered them

Tnsu was trash, Jsettes was mediocre but better than Tnsu

I do not follow dance squads that closely; however, I noticed people have been going in on Mo even before the season started. With that being said, does the sponsor has say over the routine that is picked or put together? People talked about the jsettes routine at the QCBOTB and the one from the SHC.

On another hand, I like the Harvey/Texas tribute but was highly disappointed in the boom's filed show. No get ready, no blowing, etc

I'm sorry but ya'll know I have to say something. The Settes have become complacent. Maybe it is time for a new sponsor, because this season and last have been mediocre at best. 

I would have to agree. You said nothing but the truth.

I'm just  wondering are Jsettes not wearing their nancy boots as much due to comfort or style purposes? Because some of their unis I think would actually be enhanced by their nancies sometimes.

I believe this is my favorite performance of the night from them definitely, Mo threw all the right ones here to Love Galore

If you post a comment like this in a Dolls thread, you comment would be deleted.

What is wrong with Kristen?! Please tell me she's just a lil sore or was constipated! She's the only reason I went looking for footage of them.
Everything's fine, she just felt off balanced.

Do you mean just in general, or specifically on the field??


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