I could have seen Deja as a tail she killing it in Brie's absence, Brie holds the spot down also though.

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Which one of y’all is Mr Thomas on Youtbe up under that Showtimeweb video?
Hello all,

I must say that the J-settes have always been the #1 squad in the SWAC for a long time. And in reading some of the comments. I think is kind of harsh! Though I understand that they are not giving the J-settes we all became to love over the past 3-4 decades. However, I do think this season so far has been solid compared to last. And in due time, the J-settes will come back out on top!
I agree Kayla the dancer! GIVE Morgan AND HER girl's a chance
They LOOKED very good IN the glamour department AND uni was a good too ! Good Luck Chloe !!!
I'm still hopeful for Mo. Tierra had a slow start in '14. Maybe this will be the same for her.

I just want us to appreciate Cam. She's bucking this year. That is all.

Give her a chance?

A slow start?

A slow start and this is your 2nd year... Lol. This season will be the same as the last dry and dull.

Chile let these people have it lol most of them don't like Morgan so they can't see it for this years squad. I agree I didn't think they looked as bad either but hey everyone likes what they like lol For one of the first time ever they are giving a variety and the team reached wayyy back into the history books to bring this style back out and the old school alumni loveddd it.

Gonna be the same? How can you say that when the season just beginning? Unless you formulated that in your mind simply because you don't like Morgan?

I appreciated this view also. Dance ladies!!

The field is still doing nothing for me, but I do think they came alive a little in the stands this game. By no means was this a turning point for the Settes, but they didn't bore me.

That ace crab Brandy........ she is something to watch. I love everything about her presence. Form still needs a bit of work, but she's basically this year's version of Kayla. I'm also finally seeing the hype behind Mary, she reminds me so much of Patresa. The Murrah girls got T&T on lock this year, LOL.

I could be totally off mark here, but this is just my personal feeling..... something is STILL off with this squad's chemistry/vibe this year. Not sure if Morgan is the center of it or what, but you can kinda tell something weird is in the air amongst the girls. Her and Cam naturally seem connected at the games, which you would expect considering their bond/closeness off the field. And of course she and Brie seem fine, as sorors. Then there's always gonna be weirdness/disconnect between crabs and the captain. But I'm not so sure about the other girls. The '16 crabs are hard to read, but I never felt like they meshed with Morgan. Kristen and DeJai also give off a little mysteriousness when it comes to Mo.

Not sure if it has to do with the whole captain debacle from last year and feeling a natural closeness to Cip (who they danced with for an entire year while Mo and the rest of '14--excluding Brie--were nowhere to be found), but this squad hasn't really gelled for two years now and it's painfully obvious. This was one of the few performances where I felt like things came together and they were MORE in sync as a squad than we've seen. Hopefully we can all just punch the reset button next year when God-knows-who assumes the captain spot and get back to a more cohesive, connected unit with camaraderie.

I think you are way off, from the snap chats and such they are all always together. But hey no one really knows but them I suppose.

My issue is more with the band than the squad,they're not playing with the same intensity they had in '12 and '13 when they were smaller. I also noticed how the squad came alive when the band played love galore. I think we'll start to see that J-sette fire again when the band gets itself together. But I saw how the director was fired so it's understandable if they need a little time to adjust to the change.

LOL, it's funny how people make up things in their heads.  Like you said Morgan has a good relationship with them b/c they're always in each other snap/insta stories.  I would even wager that now that '13 is gone they're even better.

But I agree, I think people just don't like Morgan...whether it's due to the situation last year or not, that's fine, but it's like move on until she's out the door lmao.

Also, I think a lot of people just suffer from "nostalgia."  Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from the older settes, but sometimes when I see people post old videos and say "I need this energy/etc back" I'm like...really?  That doesn't look any more energetic/difficult than what we currently see.  But maybe it's just me. *shrugs*


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