I could have seen Deja as a tail she killing it in Brie's absence, Brie holds the spot down also though.

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Whyyyy did I like this field routine when I watched it with no sound at work? LOL! But when I finally played it, it just didn't quite hit the mark. Song selection and not choreographing to the music is what is taking them down. Even if they take a routine not made for a specific song, they can add things to hit certain beats and tweak it to work without being too much of a revamp in choreo.

And the stands are OK. Something is just off. And I hope they aren't losing their count repertoire because they haven't even scratched the surface of their book. I hope they've at least learned them all even if she isn't throwing them. I think Morgan is such a beautiful girl. Like super gorgeous! I'm saying that because as true as it is, she still doesn't really have a strong presence or delivery yet. I notice she kind of came alive on Love Galore so maybe they just aren't feeling most of the band's catalog.

Band is definitely playing a big part. There's only so much you can do with the book they've been given this year and last year.

I really wish Mo would take some time and dig deeper into the count repertoire. There are so many counts from '15 we haven't seen that I wish she would pull back out, and I also feel like a lot of the BEST counts from Morgan and Tierra are slowly dying. If she could go back to Ketta and work her way forward, there's sooooooooo much there that she could revive.

What really was wrong with the J-Settes routine? The routine was about two minutes, too long. Speed up the tempo and cut the routine down to about a minute and give me some energy! J-Sette's problem, too much time on the field doing nothing.

Welp people Dr. Taylor is back!! Let us all rejoice!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSS That is amazing news

Yes lordt!!

Nope I have said the same thing lol But from the post of the Alumni Settes they love it and appreciated the routine.

All my girls needed was some music! You can clearly see and hear Dowell Taylor's influence over the band. The arrangements are tight and aggressive, this makes me excited about the season again. 

(excuse the quality, these were the first videos available)

I only got 27 seconds in and they already got me eating my words..... ain't no sleeping on the settes

And the way Morgan dug all up in and through the count book!!! She threw counts I haven't seen since Shanketta.

Traditionally every song the J-Settes danced to, the tempo was increased, from "Another One Bites The Dust" to "Swoop." The Band Director knew this, I think Mr. Little is learning this.


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