Who is the Satin Dolls tail @2:20? She is https://smileyshack.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/shappy_wave_100-102.gif?w=700&h=

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The field looked a lot better this week, I didn’t like the song selection but they did the best they could with it.

J-Settes performance beings at 2:50

I don’t get it.  This routine was a mess last week and they bring it back?  J-Settes are so much better than this.  It’s like they got the song and said we can’t choreo to this s#!t so let’s just do a bunch of “stuff”.  No natural flow, no technique or artistry... just a bunch of stuff.  Not the best song selection but still...to say they did the best they could with it is just being in denial.  

Satin Dolls performance begins @6:10

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