Wassup fellow bandheads, it's that time of year again, with about a week until camp's and training will start. These are some things in wondering about.... Who is the surprise band of the year? What band will be bigger / smaller than anticipated? What band will exceed / under exceed expectations? And what will be the best battle?

I'm not going to do number talk because I know y'all will have insight and photos, but I am on key bands going to provide what I'm looking for and want to see that will help each band.

AAMU: continued growth (especially core brass sections) and diverse arrangements. Damn sure can't wait to see the divas with this captain combo.

JSU: getting back to that awesome 2014 sound and being consistent on the field. Also checking for them jsettes too.

SU: bring some of those power r&b ballads back, also will be watching them gorgeous dolls too.

Alcorn: don't try to out jsu jsu and don't try to su su, because y'all cats are brewing something special

Bama state: musicianship and stability is key

Txsu: sneaky band that I would like to see get back to that 2006 year. I must say I can't wait for the match up with aamu this year.

Grambling: continuity and arrangements

Pvamu: consistency I like what y'all are working with, let's diversify song choice too. More r&b

Bcu: keep being you, I need more uptempo selections

Famu: I'm still waiting on old famu to reach the new generation but you guys are on your way I would love to see more exposure and more aggressiveness.

Ncat: nothing musically but i want to see more production in the stands to match what, bcu and famu give us. Also if like to see you guys branch out and play a swac team in an home and home series

Tnst: same with aamu steady growth and diverse arrangements, I love y'all too, very all around band.

Miles: (y'all aren't sneaking up on me, the swac equivalent to alcorn)

Share them photos and preseason sneak clips y'all!!!

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I'm reserving my updated ranking until mid season but I will say for me southern, alcorn and aamu are very precise and clean both in the stands and the field this year. I haven't watched a whole lot from jsu and txsu yet.....

Non swac I'm loving: tnst, miles and ncat. Famu is on the come up.
IMO, AAMU still has the best arrangement of Bruno Mars' "Perm." "Perm" was the Dancin' Divas' feature for the Honda BoTB 2017. I've heard both NCA&T's and Southern's versions this current season.

Does AAMU MMW plan on recording again anytime soon?  I have started a list of requests

1. "If Only For One Night" with Ruben Studdard

2. "Perm" Bruno Mars

3. "Take Your Time" S.O.S. Band

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