Quincy Hilliard professor of music @ULL making disparaging remarks towards HBCU Bands (Specifically SU & Grambling)

The Emphasis may be directly on SU and Grambling, but take note of his verbiage. t's a jab at any school that models themselves after an HBCU. 

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I think this needs to be sent to World Star Hip Hop, and other media outlets so that people can see what ignorance looks like, especially in todays social climate. Can anyone make that happen?

Ignorance at its best.

i know rite!

Already done

Definitely agree! Sad part is, he said it like it was an actual fact!

thanks Christopher

This is funny because I know for a fact that Southern University has a lot of kids that go to their bandcamp that do not come from predominantly black high schools..

I am showing my age.. But I went to a predominantly white high school and was taught music theory and went to BOA etc, but when Drumline came out white high schools as well as PWC, lost their minds.

And no offense SU has many composers in the industry, when was the last time i heard a ULL great composer or anything... SMHH this is horrible.
Straight up coonery #that nobody has heard OF until now !@!@ UNIVERSITY of Louisiana IS straight crap ....nobody IS checking FOR him NOR them..he's trying TO sell his buggle marching style BAND
He gets point's FOR not talking ABOUT other pwi's PERIOD..a total Sellout !!! #uncletom. #selfhate #oreo WHERE IS THE naacp OF greater Lafayette????
The moment when you will realize. That them PWC's don't care nothing about you!
NOT me ! I've my undergrad and master's degrees.

Coonery at it's finest news flash sir, nobody wants to go to that school and be in that band sir, sit down BOOM KING COON OF THE YEAR.

AND NOT TO mention #that WE played THEM in 09 , 14 ONLY to receive major house WITH a standing OVATION from THEIR FAN'S !!!

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