Should Yates High School Marching Band program be removed?

The band has shown no progress in the last 16 years. Alumni like my ex-wife are strong supporters, but I disagree.




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Mr. Turner....this is from wikipedia, who sometimes are not very good with facts, but you can look up some of this stuff yourself:


Middle schools that feed into Lee (and therefore also feed into Westside) include:


K-8 schools that feed into Lee (and therefore also feed into Westside) include:

All pupils zoned to Long and Pershing Middle Schools may attend Pin Oak Middle School.[51] Accordingly, Pin Oak also feeds into Lee High School.

Residents of the Briargrove, Emerson, Pilgrim, and Piney Point elementary attendance zones may apply for the Briarmeadow Charter School, so the K-8 school feeds into Lee.[33]

[edit] Feeding from magnet schools

Some students who graduate from T. H. Rogers School in the 8th grade choose to go to Westside.[citation needed]

[edit] Feeding from private schools

Students of some private schools, such as John Paul II School, matriculate to Westside.[52]


With that being said....also from the wikipedia site:

Portions of Cullen [29] and Ryan Middle Schools [30] feed into Yates.


Now you tell me where that is anywhere equal....Both Revere and Pershing by themselves have extensive band programs...I don't even know what the other schools are doing but have you seen Westsides band: 




and this was 2 years ago....IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FEEDERS YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING!. Getting kids in band as freshmen Looks like this:



If they stay in the band for 4 years they will start sounding good



Yates made a huge comeback in the 2011-2012 season winningg first place in the North Forest BOTB and second in the All American BOTB. I predict a good future ahead of the Yates band program.

This thread is completly incredible! It is a bad thread. Some of these coments Im ROTF LMAO. No they do not need to shut down the band programe but improve it. I am Not an Allumni but I have support and volunteer my time to the band last year. you dont need to be an allumni to do that. And to MR Turner, I thought you said you did your homework because (laughing) the last time I cheek, Williams is not thier now LMAO at you bad HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

Let Yates band be. Why would any decent human being take the opportunity for music from any interesting kid or musician?
Side note, I saw Yates at PVU homecoming yesterday embarrassing a band 2 to 3x's bigger then them. Give them some time. They just recently got a new director.

This thread is almost 2 years old.

I have since retracted my statements and thrown full support behind Yates band.

With the new director Sam Long at the helm, Yates is on its way to reclaiming it position as the #1 marching band in Houston.



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