Ok so the last BOTB of the year has just happened. The 2nd episode of this soon to be great rivalry of the two top north side bands was a very interesting and exiting event, What are your thoughts on the event?

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I think everybody did really good (sam, davis & humb) its crazy how much sam improved since that last botb. If you guys keep improving at that rate then you guys will definitely be back in the top ranks. Just don't get happy because yall making noise, yall gonna have to work even harder now, but good job I like how yall aren't scared to do something different. Davis did very good as well, great sound and also showing off their book from shes fresh to tiger of san pedro. Only thing I can say to davis is you know you have power so dont get too crazy,at times (not gonna say who but they know)you would over"blow" n start going out of tune. But other than that yall executed very well. HUMB, man finally got to see yall in person and u didn't disappoint. Only complaint here was the tunes were snipped. But when yall did play it sounded great. Al , I liked your gaga tune btw didnt hear the name of it, but it was probably the best tune humb played tonight (imho) thanks to all the participating bands tonight for putting on a good show.

The Event was Way Too Much Fun!!!

Both Sam Houston and Jeff Davis did a Great Job!!! Nothing but Respect to  Both programs, Lets Continue to do what we do best!!! 

 To My HUMB family thank you so much for showing support and the Performance was Great Looking forward to July 9th..LOL


I will work on the footage first thing in the morning!!!

It was very nice and mad fun....I was impressed with both bands at the botb. Both played very well. H.U.M.B. was very nice and entertaining. I honestly know that we had a short amount of time to put it together BUT, the band sounded very very nice and mature and executed pretty good.
More footage to come Im still Tired going back to sleep!

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