Since the last one got deleted somehow, I am creating another one. Fair warning to all, disagreements and debates are fine with me. Even light arguments as I like to keep it spicy it adds the fun to it. However you come in here with that foolishness and cursing and your post will be removed. Now let's get it!!

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After seeing this weeks games. The Motion & GG's owe me a full frontal. The Dolls tied of you batches talking abt them, baby they put in work on that field. Bama St. band had a few extra sectional practices, they sounded good this past weekend.

Since the botb in dallas to the game saturday, Motion been moving up the rankings. Motion & GG's battle, Yall, I don't know who won, they both were scalping edges. The GG's stands are not for the weak and faint, and I am going to leave it there.

This week ranking from what I saw. The Motion and GG's are at the top somewhere. Im not sure where the Dolls fall yet, but their fieldshow definitely moved them up. Dolls I need yall stands to improve too. 

SWAC (In no order)





Dolls don’t pay budgets. Lol he sure did put money towards their education. Y’all should hire him since y’all band gets shittier every year

Nastacia Nati by Nature De Sousa said:

Meanwhile haymer stole the Dolls budget and then some... No wonder the girls did all those clinics lmao... Did the proceeds go towards haymers repayment plan... Suh I can read you through transition lenses.. You’re not equipped for this... You should just take this L and strut away

Whoelsewoulditbe said:

Motion went for Blood

no sweetie, they went for plasma..... donations to pay 3 bundles to buy from Jermani. Lmao

Welp there is a new ranking thread open so I guess this one can close down. lol


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