So I was recently having a discussion with one of my buddies who runs one of the better corp style HS bands here in GA and he asked me why there aren't any black Corp style bands. I told him we have NSU which is considered a hybrid but we don't have an all corp band because most were brought up in a traditional show style band. N style band shows are more culturally appealing to our audiences. He went on to say that while he agreed on the entertainment aspect, corp style bands pay more attention to detail and in the end create more and better musicians. 



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Well in Fortbend U.I.L is reqiured and tied into your stipen.....This is rediculous. And makes for the most boring and un-entertaining half time shows.It is a cultural thing. and The show style is just as important as corp. so why aren't all bands in Fortbend made to go to at least one show style battle and Have a Jazz program? That is what well rounded is. When you hit all genres. But they are only making provisions for corp. Just real talk....I am not being politically correct just calling a spade a spade.

I hear you bro but with UIL comes money.  For some reason a band going to UIL can get $$$$ for the program.  Not much but more than a band that doesnt go to UIL.  Battle of the bands and showband competitions dont get much funding or proper recognition for the same reason many of us are so selective.  Many of our own contests are poorly organized and only about who knows who or who dives the farthest.  Im not knocking showband but We ourselves are beggining to make a mockery of our very own art called showband when we go out in the public and just blow.  Ive heard some bands that sound like their band directors just dont GAF.  On the flipside, Ive heard some crappy corps style bands (in Houston) that play out of tune and bump into each other on the field.  

Until we get our showbands to a certain level both musically and find a way to letigimately fund Battle of the Bands like the National High Stepping Championship, Corps style will continue to be the way to slap inner city schools in the face. Sad thing is that it takes money to get to a good level of Corps Style so its takes money to make money.  Its a sad circle is disappointment.

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