I'm a New Orleans native and former band member. I consider myself to be a true fan of the marching band phenomenom and of our history and culture that we have all help to build in NOLA. Especially at the high school level because I like to see kids in the process of learning and I believe that is where we may be at our most eager phase to learn. That's why I keep myself updated with what's going on in the high school world of band in the N.O. So on that note I must state this. I have come to the conclusion that it is not a pre-Katrina thing or a post-Katrina thing. It is a generational thing. Things are just different now. Storm or no storm. The older heads know what I mean I assume. We are in a new age and we older heads just have to accept it. I have seen some bad habits that I feel should be corrected in some performances. Those things couldn't fly back when. But now they may be considered standard and the norm. It is what it is and that's that I guess. I know we older heads can't help but notice key differences but we have to learn how to be supportive of the new generation and encouraging without being too critical. But with that being said, kids should learn proper technique and eliminate bad habits before they get way out of hand or altogether whenever possible. I root for our kids while thinking back to when I gave it a run and I have to remind myself of the generational gap. Things are different now. We had our time. Now it's their turn. We may need to adjust to the present run and at the same time remember and accept that WE can't run anymore...at all.
Accept it.

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Its not just New Orleans man, its everywhere. When I see clips of Southwest Dekalb with less than 150 and St Aug with holes in their drill, I get so worried. As a band director, I'm concerned not just for my band but for everybody. I remember when New Orleans, Houston and Atlanta were a nest for bands. Now the average band in Houston is 25 people. NEW orleans I see a 48 average. A lot of kids are selecting community or all star bands (no offense to any particular groups) as an alternative to their high school bands and our colleges are feeling the effects

What can WE do to address this problem? If u think it doesn't concern you, it will eventually because the decline of the minority band program is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated by all of us.

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