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The girls have been keep pretty active during the off season. I am really excited to see who snatches this captain title.

How I've missed thee.

lol Hey Buddy!! How have ya been?

<3 <3 <3

I've been ok and you?

I've always wondered why more of the girls from Bring It don't audition for the J-Settes. I know for sure 2 girls from Jackson's Dancing Dolls attend JSU, Tiara and Tamia. Any thoughts? 

Most like to audition for the Golden Girls.  It's closer to their style of dancing.

But the J-settes may have a more difficult process.  But I think most follow their sisters to Alcorn and let their hair down on the dance floor.

Tamia tried out, she got cut. But I agree, it seems like more of them would be J-settes than there actually are

The J-Settes have the most difficult selection process among dance teams, if you try-out, you got to be on your A game! Oh, I've yet to see a fat J-Sette!

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