Southern University 2017-2018 Fabulous Dancing Dolls Crab Class Wishes

Well another season has ended and Dani has left her mark but no we can only wait until Next May for our new team. Do you guys have any high school seniors that you would love to see on the Dolls? I have my eyes on Jada D. Captain of McKinley Pantherettes
Ayana from The East St John Sugarettes and Jordyn C. Captain of the Bronco Belles✨




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Lol I really do think Tye is doing this on purpose to make the girls mad lol.. Micha girlllllll if you don't tone that body up and stay off the red beans and catfish lol. Alot spots are about to be taken
Sorry for the lateness on the video, guys. It looks like she may have forgotten the formation she called. But, if they were going to continue according to what she called, it would've looked something like Kayla Smith's leading "Can't be Friends" Bayou Classic 2010.

P.H. said:

HBCU Guy said:

Where is this video with Tye leading?
See, that's the confusing part, HBCU Guy lol. Since the default is "all together", it doesn't require a hand signal. The leader just...starts dancing lol. She clearly called a signal and looked around to make sure everyone saw her, which they did.

With Tye, even with her being one of the older Dolls on the squad, i think it's just a matter of her not being able to control her nerves. She gets in this mode and it's like her mind starts racing. She just isn't captain material and I really feel like she knows that and is probably even okay with it. But, even still, most Dolls, at a senior level, should be able to do an at least decent job if they ever have to lead. Tye just loses composure and her nerves get the best of her...ESPECIALLY when she leads.

I'm not charging this one to Tyelier. This reminded me of Liberian Girl at homecoming. The girls don't know how to recover well enough for me. If she threw row by row and kept continuously throwing counts, then they should've followed her. The Dolls used to do that. 

Row by row means row by row whether it's continuous or continual.

Y'all cant blame Tye for that. They clearly saw her put up row by row. When Alyx turned around I'm sure she said "I thought she called row by row"

But since Maya went anyway they followed suit. Same with Liberian Girl. Some of them knew what the call was but since Maya was confused so were they.
And as far as the Cant Be Friends fiasco. DTara was dancing row by row the entire game but somehow everyone forgot everything when Kaya lead.
I'm wondering why that second row started dancing. And, then a lot of them were confused because Tye threw that first count wrong.. it was just all bad lol.

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