Southern University 2017-2018 Fabulous Dancing Dolls Crab Class Wishes

Well another season has ended and Dani has left her mark but no we can only wait until Next May for our new team. Do you guys have any high school seniors that you would love to see on the Dolls? I have my eyes on Jada D. Captain of McKinley Pantherettes
Ayana from The East St John Sugarettes and Jordyn C. Captain of the Bronco Belles✨




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Trin T on YouTube? He's the one whose video of "Can you stand the rain" went viral. I didn't know he was in the Juke. If he gets it, I'll be excited.
Yeah that's him .
Ummm I thought he was an alumni of the band.

Michael Dedrick said:
I really think Trinton gonna be the next drum major . but im excited to see who gonna get that spot also . i haven't been hearing anything about it !
No, trinton is a sophomore.


I've been on my hiatus so y'all know I had to catch up on the latest. Y'all did not disappoint in the least! Messy! Lol. Y'all are NOT playing with these girls. My only comment for now is to cut the girls some slack. School is ramping up for them and it's the off season. They're students and only human. Have a nice blessed day!


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