Southern University Dancing Dolls VS. Alcorn State University Golden Girls

This will be an GREAT Matchup for the AGES !!!   Who will win this years BATTLE----an continual from last year epic MATCHUP------Geaux Dolls and Go Golden Girls.   May the best team and band win----Good Luck !!!!

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Mumford looks like a SWIMMING POOL.  Whose going to sit out there ????     GEAUX JAGS !!! 

Yup, it's gonna be raining all day in BR with thunderstorms around 5pm and for the rest of the day.

Dolls aren't performing.
nobody did a halftime show . Alcorn marched in at halftime . I had to leave thou , the weather was too bad and we was getting our assed whipped .

Profiles in Dance - Meet the Dancing Dolls

Omg Melody talks just like Megan Good
Please post Alcorn GGs one too. It'll be proven factual Doc knew what he was doing lol

Tierra12 said:

Profiles in Dance - Meet the Dancing Dolls

Motion fans hated me when I mentioned there is a VERY distinct difference in how the STYLES of the dancelines influence how they carry themselves, or vice versa.

This is hard proof. Some people just dont wanna understand.

on a side note: you know what....nevermind.. lol

Whoelsewoulditbe said:

Please post Alcorn GGs one too. It'll be proven factual Doc knew what he was doing lol

Tierra12 said:

Profiles in Dance - Meet the Dancing Dolls

Yesssss just classy all around

Yessssssss '12!!!! We would have gotten a throwback performance to I'm Real had they performed... Dolls at 2:50

They might save that routine for UAPB or AAMU game

You are so right...!!!!  I can't count the number of times I had to put someone in their place about alleging that Doc Greggs preferred lighter skinned girls to be his Dolls.  Doc NEVER operated like that.  What some of these fools don't know is, back in the day only the cream of the crop even dared to audition for dance lines; they were picked from among the best.  Even if the Dolls were to have a squad of all light-skinned dancers, so the hell what...!  Like you one complains when these dance-lines are 99.99 % dark.  For some strange reason, there has always been this mystique about the Dolls that generates so much skin-tone debate.      

Jason said:

you dont honestly think that Dr, Greggs came to someones high school and put a brown paper bag next to their faces all in the open, do you? Dont you know what type of law suit that would be?

You DO realize that has been a proven myth that people are still holding onto til this very day, right?

and YOU do realize that theres has been a DARK SKINNED DOLL on each and everyline since the Doll's where was the paper bag test then? Im sure you will have some type of conspiracy theory for that.

Louisiana has always been culturally known for its light skinned residents, due to the mix of races and cultures.

Just like Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama is not more its more darker skinned residents, but no one ever talks about squads like the Motion, J-settes, and Stingettes normally having more darker skinned girls than anything else . Are they discriminating against light skinned girls?

Kimball Fitzgerald Thornton said:

It is known through the years that the Dolls have been handpicked because of their looks and skin color. I know someone who attended the Southern High School on the Baton Rouge campus who Dr. Gregg was her band director before he became the director of the Human Jukebox. You had to pass the brown paper bag test. How can a school with that type of discrimination even comment on skin color and making it to major dance companies. The majority of the band members in HBCU band programs do not major in music and especially the dancers do not major in dance. Being with a one hit artist, NFL and NBA performance is very tired these days. Most of them are sleeping with the professional team or the artist. Dancing for money is not the aspiration of most black women on an HBCU dance line. Ms. Roberts you are so stuck on this a indicator of quality for your famous Dolls. Come up with another rubric as we say in the educational arena for your validity and criteria of a successful HBCU dancer or dance line. 


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