Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls 2017- 2018 Part 7: September 3, 2017 Please Hurry Up

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Anything can happen. 

Salsadivva said:

I so agree!

HeartOfADancer said:

Mel's improvement is something to be acknowledged and I don't want to call it a stretch buttttt calling for her to be captain is still a bit premature. The Mel we got for '16 should've been crab Mel. I still to this day don't think anyone should make a collegiate squad and look the way she did her freshman year in the stands. Yes, she blended in on the field but I didn't see where she stood out enough to compensate for her in the stands and make the team. But that's truly a dead horse because we beat it to death in '15! Lol! Just bc her story is different & she overcame doesnt mean she deserves leadership. The other Dolls are just as gorgeous, especially new crabs Jada & Jordyn, with the talent to boot. Let her hold down tail & be a 3 or 4 year Doll. Stranger things have happened but I can't see her being captain.
I believe IN Mel as SHE was IN 15 AND still SHE rose TO the top in 16 as IN 17 !!! SHE IS strong as THE Chicago bull's AND Michael Jordan himself when they won back TO back championship !!@

I see Stamper is working on a project with Avery Wilson. Former SU cheerleader, Look Dancer coach, MOKA coach, etc, etc, etc. Awesome mentor for her.



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