Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls 2017- 2018 Part 9: PeP Rally / Football Game) That Magic Wand Is Back!!!

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Geaux go, go THE mighty jaguars geaux the mighty jaguar , geaux, go THE mighty jaguar !!!
From the footage it looks like Dani is trying to unify the low atrut.
And I was hoping Jordan would have grown on me by now bit she still looks sophomoric and like she's trying hard.

she looks the best out of all of them to me

Last year Jordan was ok.... this year it's like she's trying to hard. She stands out the most for doing to much. Tailyn and Mel on that back row not playing
She looks a little better, but still a bit too much. We'll see how the first performance goes.
Jordan looks amazing as usual. I'm looking forward to seeing her dance this year !!
Jordan is an excellent dancer and doing great...Its quite obvious that the band and the Dolls are going in a new direction of high energy and you "die hard" fans are still clinging to the old style for dear life...move on get over it....and the only doll that stood out to me for doing to much would def be Micah...Im not going to go back and fourth with any of u either... Ciao!

It's not about a reluctance to embrace the new, "high energy" style..... it's about uniformity and synchronicity, as a SQUAD.

When you look like you're killing yourself trying to get a count off while the rest of the squad is in the pocket and still delivering, of course you're going to stick out in a bad way. That's the only gripe I have with Jordan and Micah. They're both standouts on the field (Jordan might arguably be top 3 on the field this season, just like last year), but the stands look crazy. Period.

To me. From that fan day clip she was doing too much. And what KK said, if they were ALL over the top then cool. They're not though. And Jordan next to Taylor makes her look way more extra. Micah is just wild. She needs to calm down too.

Jordan on the field is solid. I'd say top 3 also.
Ok movin on!!...the dolls wearing sports bras and tennis shoes today
Y'all complain about everything...Damned if they do damned if they don't. Dolls have to evolve with times, y'all need to let it go... that old style is goin away, embrace this new style and what the girls are bringing to the table, I'm loving the direction of the dolls as well as the band. If y'all don't like the changes follow a new dance Team that caters to what y'all like. Y'all knew the style was goin to change eventually. Good Job Dannie, jordan is killing it per usual!!! Wish Jada was out there killing it but she is under the weather.
I LOVE THE DOLLS.....okay !@@!


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