Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls 2017- 2018 Part 9: PeP Rally / Football Game) That Magic Wand Is Back!!!

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Sorry, not sorry by Demi Lovato

Jay Walker, the sports analyst from ESPN Black College Sports has named THE MARCHING JUKES and DANCING DOLLS, the NUMBER 1 BAND in Black Colleges this week, AGAIN !!! GEAUX JAGS !

The more I look at this squad, the more I hate that Jordyn quit. I feel like she would have been a PERFECTTTTTT addition to this season, especially after seeing her in Marvin's GNB series. She has that stunning Doll beauty, but baby girl can really dance her ass off & she has a certain sprightly freshness about herself that would have fit so well with this new direction.

Stands were a mixed bag this week, there was a lot going on...... Taylor & her fumbles, Jordan's extraness, Micah's surprising muted demeanor, Gabby's adorableness, Tailyn going SUPER hard trying to stand out in that corridor behind Dannie and Taneria.... etc etc etc. Kaylon looks soooooooo classic in the stands (esp. on classic counts), but she did have a few moments here where she looked crab-like. Jada, however, looked soooooo much better.... those nerves are settling and she's rounding on quite nicely on the both classic and the new-school sides.

Field....... yeah, I'm ready for a new show. Beyond ready.


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