Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls 2017- 2018 Part 9: PeP Rally / Football Game) That Magic Wand Is Back!!!

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I'm here for THE girl's of season 15 when THE legendary Connor McGrew marched dem girl's IN at university of Georgia....folks WERE screaming THE DOLLS, THE DOLLS THE was so exciting AND THE energy was FIRE !@!! Just LIKE season 97, when THE legend himself Dr Isaac Greggs was alive, he kept THE DOLLS away from THE crazy crowd IN Jackson, AND Kristy Vincent marched THE DOLLS IN first, even before Jackson State. They were pissed, then THE JUKES started blowing over j-stank cadance !!! THE crowd went wild !

Ya'll I am so ready to see what they're going to bring for Homecoming. The Divas and Dolls battle is one that I have been looking forward to all season. I'm pretty sure the scalping queen (Dani), is going to come for edges once again. I am also sure that the Divas won't go down without a fight. I should have made a trip to Baton Rouge for this one, lol, 

Me too although I wish the battle was vs Alabama State and the Stingettes. Guess we will have to wait next season for that slayage.

I agree, the Stingettes and The Dolls would have been the better battle!!!!

I was upset when they were not on schedule this season for Dani 5th Rip...but they were SAVED or whatever. This is the battle I look forward to NOT JSETTES!

29 Pages. Thirty Thousand Views. Yall might as well create a new thread that starts with Homecoming and ends at Bayou Classic.  I'm Closing this one.


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