What are some ways do you think are good for getting a High School Marching Band to have a nice Hard hitting, very sharp and staccato sound like Southern's Band?

*Not exactly like SU's Band but you know a good level for a high school Power house marching band*

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Practice hard, working out for endurance purposes, 

There's a concept of power that needs to be understood, has nothing to do with blowing loudly either., it's more to do with the ability to create a massive harmonic sound through proper usage of dynamics and Articulation.

It's not about sounding Like SU, it's more like Playing with Passion.. 


When a lot of bands get loud they certain sections tend to stray away from proper aarticulation of tones as they're displayed on the music., they begin  Slurring everything or Pecking at every note at triple Forte lol... that aint cool ya know.

Power is all about CONTROL

Work on having good tone first, because a nice, well-centered tone is going to project much better than a splatty, unfocused tone.

I think folks focus on too much. I find directors that know what they want and have the community on their side end up with the power houses. Soooooo focus on the foundation first :)

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