where can i find the colored spats like famu or alabama state be wearin..?


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They get them from yo granny. She used the finest leather made from the fattest cows ass in the world.
You can try Amazon or any of the online stores they usually have them.
you know it kills me how people waste time asking stuff like this on banhead when they can  just google it....

Exactly....thats why I didn't answer him. That why websites like Google and Bing were created....

no need for the attitudes.. just asked because i couldnt find em over the internet.. thought somebody here knew..
I'm not sure man. Band staff orders them. I'm not sure about Bama St. spats, but those green spats are a pain because they are cloth (compared to most white spats).

Now now be nice folks,  yall know kids these days expect instant results in the first search. If they dont they get all frustrated and stuff, poor kiddies arent use to doing a good 10 minutes of searching to get an answer. Usually its a lack of search terms, I deal with this daily... smh. Like the thing just gonna pop up in the first search... damn Iphones


Yellow Spats.... 


Hot pink spats....



football spats


LOL @ those hot pink spats!!!!
Colored Spats are specially ordered. Just call a band uniform company and they will specially make them but you have to pay that specially made price.

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