Most have said this season was pretty uneventful as a whole. I know there were weekly squad rankings, but this season is pretty much over besides Championship and Bowl games. But, I would like to know what squads you considered to be the best this season. 

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Thanks!  I just want to see our Ambassadors at their best. They are, after all, a representation of the BEST HBCU! 

Jarrett Goer said:

you always have great feedback and constructive yet positive criticism! 

SUarchitect said:

I don't mind that that "look" is gone.  I actually prefer to see a variety of looks on the squad. I do have a hangup on height though.  I prefer a taller Doll line.  Just makes for a more imposing presence IMO.  Im excited to see what next year's field work will bring.  If the Dolls as a collective made these field shows, the creativity can only go up from here. 

My ONLY thing I have for Dolls in parade season is to PLEEEEEASE use that window formation during parades.  I can't stand to see those 2 lines.  Such a waste of glam and makes for a poor impression for the band.  krre Goer said:

i think the classic doc era look is long and gone. all dolls are beautiful, but Doc's dolls were one of a kind beautiful! lol i love how the doll form and technique has returned back on the field. I think this by far the best doll field shows since 2005! Anyway i think the pv black foxes did great, they just have too many girls. Congrats to all hbcu squads on a football season well done! looking forward to next year!

LET' it BURN 2004. & IT AIN'T OVER 1993

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