Unlike a lot of people on here i talk more about the programs i personally have been around, but this one is for everyone! I notice that a lot of hbcu bandsmen want credit for having the ability to play and dance at the same time. Well i've watched some bands play in the stands and do a lil rock or something to a groove, and loose NO sound. versus Playing on the field and the second you rock or make any moves (march, dance, etc!) they loose sound.
My question....

What is the secret to playing on the field without loosing sound while dancing or marching? Some marching bands do drills that are crazy, but you can't hear anything. It makes since to loose sound when you turn the other direction, but when your marchng up and down field you shouldn't loose all your sound!

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This is an issue of stand presence vs field presence. The priorities differ between each.

If bands are playing in the stands...a lot of them literally try to blow their brains out of the horn. Bands don't usually carry that same "cranking" mentality to the field...because there is more that needs to be focused on.

But the secret that you are looking for lies in the conditioning of the band. These days, bands can barely do calestenics (sp) without some weak freshman running home to momma, complaining about them actually having to exercise. So the bands suffer, because they perform the way they practice. The dedication and the will power just isn't there anymore.
like these folks have been saying its all about practice. when you are in the stands, your posture is usually straight so you would have a nice air flow, but when you are moving its harder to produce the same sound as if you were in the stands. also alot of people think that in order to play louder you have to more air but that is only a very small part of it, but its all about air speed.So you have that understands that concept and some who dont so that might also be one of the big difference in the sound.

! Please know your music! Next you learn the dance steps! Once you do that put both together! It's not an overnight thing because putting music with the steps will take work! The horn doesn't move unless there is a particular dance move that calls for that, but for the most part your focus must be on your upper body! The footwork and leg work is always important! The best way to keep the sound strong without distortion, stay on the balls of your feet when you do your moves, play with confidence and have upper body and leg/feet control! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! More than likely when you do all these with redundancy you will master dancing and playing at the same time!


KNOW YOUR MUSIC FIRST, if the band is going to do some moves in the stands, they can use the same concept as i stated above but the main focus will be dealing on upper body concentration so that the sound won't be sacrificed for movement! Knowing the music is thehe little simple stand movements come with ease, especially if you can do the dancing while playing on the field!
everybody on page 2 on point........
I personally say it his how you mrch that is the purpose of swing your horns while you play
if you now th correct way and do it with style to your best ability the air which produces the tone should also keep flowing while you are marching.
Most bandsmen dont march while playing on the field the are to bizzy counting there steps to make sure they dont mess up.
I personally never had a problem with volume of no form on r off the field

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