The time has come! It is Magic City Classic weekend! With the game being tomorrow, who do you think will come out on top? Lets discuss like MATURE adults below. 

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Been waiting on close-ups. Thanks dreadhead!

The Dancin' Divas did their thang this weekend. The Divas pulled some W's and have surprised and shut a lot of haters and unbelievers up. The Divas easily took the field, uniforms, hair & make-up. Their stands were blah to me, I am ready for some new counts, unless Curtisha is up front. That girl does not play. The Divas are the most consistent dance team in the SWAC, they may not be the most popular/fan favorite, but the girls deliver both stands and field shows. 

Stingettes: I absolutely love the black leotard and the snatched pony tails. They did that! I wonder if pony tails will become a stingette tradition for MCC? Stingettes half-time...I was like, what are they doing. Their field show was all over the place, and it was as if some of the Stings was trying to keep up with Asia. Heck one sting got a little lost and froze up. The stands were on point as usual, they take the W for stands which is a given for them.

The Divas took this classic. Go Divas!

I think its a bit funny that the Stingettes fans/stans are searching High & Low for second half & 5th quarter stand videos (aint none bihh) so they can rave, get some kind of life, and have something to talk about, cause they know that field show was not it...LOL! Better luck next week in Jackson.

This picture right HERE....YASSSSSSSS!

dreadhead said:

Them MF was bad !!! Go DIVAS ! 

Chile this is the most shine that they have got all season. I cannot deal! WHO'S READY FOR THE BATTLE OF THE MARTINS?
Hell yeah them MF'n divas looked so damn good

dreadhead said:

Them MF was bad !!! Go DIVAS ! 

By the way them YouTube views tell a different story. LMAOOOOOOO


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