Students: What are some Expectations of Your Band Directors?

I just wanted to bring up a new subject.  I know we directors are always talking about what we expect from you students who work hard and participate in our programs.  What Im interested in is:


What are some of the expectations that you students have of your band directors?



Do you expect your director to be more stricter during rehearsals? or lighten up?

Do you expect your director to work out with you?

Write more challenging music?

Take you more places?

Come to work? LOL yes I said it.

Spend more quality time with you guys.


Just curious to see where this generations' head is

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I expect for the band director to be strict, organized, and have patience, yet outside of rehearsal and performances to be there as a friend also, he needs to be understanding, that sometimes certain things (i.e. home and family, not something stupid like yu-gi-oh or video games) come before band, he needs to be able to write his to music to the level that his students are at, yet be able to write something a bit harder to give them a challenge. Monday Rehearsals should start light and toughen up as friday (or a performance) comes up, and as for working out, i have no complaints against anything the director makes us do because if you really sit down and think about, we all need to be in good shape to be in band.

i can agree with that...
This is actually the best topic I've seen in awhile.

I can go on and on about this.....but for sake of a subject:


the band director has to be able to instruct, teach, and educate at the appropriate level and pass the level that he or she is teaching at now.


They must demand respect through their abilities and continue to push their musicians to never settle at the level they are at at the moment.


and they need to have a good relationship with the alumni, even if they are from a different me....this matters (college wise at least)

Excellent topic indeed...

Have the ability to pass out more difficult music and more old school tunes. Get to know more about the students like how they are academically in school, and have the ability to be a father/mather like figure to the student because never know, they may not live with their parents or something like that. Be able to teach the leaders in the band more than just play their horn because you never know if your director is missing the night of the concert yet it is still gonna go on, someone should have the ability to know the music well enough to direct it in the absence of the director(this goes for classroom and practice times too) more than the Drum major should know how to Direct. Have the ability to gain respect from the students, other teachers, other directors and as well as the school board. Do not have favorites...problems come with favorites, jsut have the people you can rely on in case anythign happens. Also have the ability to have a students back if he or she gets into any matter where. and one more thing to this part, Practice should always be ran with the "Big Stick" mentality, the minute u go soft, the discipline is gone. Have the ability to kick kids out if they consistently miss practice.


since im graduating..what i would like to see from the students...and i think ALOT of ya'll Houston BDs will agree with me. Have respect for the leaders, Directors, Drum majors, other teachers and other bands...i can not stand to see a band try to fight another band because they have no respect and ego tripping. Start coming to are you kids gonn have pride for your program but whine and complain when you dont win a BOTB but blame the judges that they cheated ya'll. the problem is that ya'll do show up for 60% of these practices. Band Directors are NOT REQUIRED to stay after school or take ya'll kids anywhere PERIOD. Ya'lll can stay at home or take ya'll ego tripping asses to the battle or parade ya'llself. Judges are never a problem, it is you young musicians under an experienced musician who has their degrees and certifications and been through this same exact process. Have enough discipline to act like young adults in publis...not young adult as in act an ass because u see people you either live with or hang out with talk or act like that. Act like ya'll got some sense and some discipline. It never fails, anywhere i go, i see groups of kids who try to be something thye are not, We should not be classified as anything except young adults trying to find a positive purpose in the real world. not some ghetto mess who think everyone is wrong on you. Save these serious musicians their time if you are not serious about being a musician yourself. if you are in the band because of the trips...LEAVE because majority of them kids and their directors want to move forward.


and that ladies and gentlemen grinds my gears....smh

I as well can go on and on but I'll spare you. Here's where I stand:

- I expect a Band Director to first off be all the things they want their members to be. Focused and ready to get things done at rehersals and camps.. so yes, strict during rehearsal.

- I do expect my director to work out with the group. Set the example. Plus, the whole idea of "if I can do it, you can too" is good for some people.

- OOHHHH YES!!! I definitely expect challenging music in every group. Playable though. If it's your Symphonic Band or your Wind Ensemble, they shouldn't be playing Grade 3 music. With that, I also expect the director to have theory and composition lessons, if there is no class for that in the high school.

- Going places doesn't really matter much to me. I just like to play so great if we do, but it's all good if we don't.

- Lol I've never heard of a director not coming to work. But of course as with any other teacher I expect them to come to work, rehersals, concerts, competitions, and everything else on time; just like they expect us to.

- Quality time. I'm not sure about this. Sure I guess, in the area of getting to know us and our plans musically. But we can't hangout... that's a little weird to me.

As much as some complain, you'd think this thread would be bursting at the seams...
I just said the same thing.
Because many don't have in-depth expectations. Many want the director to only pass out the music and allow them to let loose, it's being done in many programs so their expectations are met lmao.


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