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Can we be real though? Simply put, Gabby looked a hot mess the first perform of the 2018-2019 season (TCU game) AND THATS OKAY! She definitely didn’t deserve the hate she receive being that a lot of things were out of her control but her stand performance was bad. Thankfully she got it together and now she’s one of the best SU Dancing Doll Captains! 

This isn’t a Gabby bashing comment so y’all Gabbyettes better leave me alone!! LOL. 

Great interview Gabby! 

I agree on most of your points as it relates to who was up for Captain 2018.  Jordans form is noticeably bad, but most ppl take it for "Slayage".  Stands are meant to blend as one, not pinpoint who executes them better. Her field work was amazing, but she lost me when she got upset and quit Dolls over the new leadership deciding to go another route with Captain. I understand disappointment but that IMO was drastic. Plus I don't understand why she would think that Taylor would follow Haymers vision, considering Taylor was appointed Interim Head Director at that time.   I'm still shocked she had the strength to audition again because back in the day we would have never heard from Jordan again. Lol She's an amazing girl and seems to be incredibly ambitious, so I know she will Excel in everything she does outside of Doll.   

Tailyn has an infectious smile and bubbly April like presence but her count execution is a bit rough and awkward (nobody executed counts more strangely than Chauncey though (09-12). 

Aside from Kaylon, Gabby might be one of the most refined and polished dancers on the squad. She has that Doc era poise and grace. Smart and strategic with how she threw her stands and arranged field shows. Kept a smile on her face. Was open to collaboration and feedback from Forever Dolls. Gabby was a class act. 

Now Bayous 17 and 19 uniforms can both go.  17 just gave me (insert random reality show) Reunion episode dress print. And 19 was just busy.   Had it been long sleeve with a navy or textured navy background (I low-key want to see Dolls in an ornate navy velvet French outfit)  with OLD GOLD patterned print instead of yellow, this uniform would have been amazing.  The white and yellow were too much.. and the Joe Fresh esque sewn piece in the back was unnecessary altogether.  That uniform is a throwaway. Id keep the concept for a new mid season leo though. 

nsuking2005 said:

Tailyn wasn't it for me either. Gorgeous young woman who serves you BAWDY, and she had a couple of great moments. But I always found her execution weird and awkward...even in routines that I would've expected her to murder with her strength in hip-hop. In the stands, she had tolerable moments, but meh overall. Honestly, the only one of the '15 crabs who I really went up for was, of course, she's the one who only got one rip. lol I also loved Alyx as a field performer and Melody as a tail.

And for the yellow leotard...while I appreciate what they were going for because they were dancing to a Latin song and the uni totally complemented that, it's not something that'd work for me as ongoing Doll wear (esp with the shoulder/chest cutout and the ruffled sleeve). Because the bright yellow is so close together color-wise with the white background, you miss the more intricate details of the uni unless you're looking really closely. And worst of all, the whole uni moves really, really badly on them as dancers. The material was stiff and rode up the backside. Unis not moving well with their bodies has been an ongoing issue with several of the Dolls' newer pieces over the last few seasons, but it was especially bad with this one. I think there are some good ideas that went into that uniform, but remaking into something usable past that one performance would be more trouble than it's worth IMO. lol 

TheStandJudge said:

Tbh for me Tailyn was my first pick. I thought Tailyn was everything and gave me KP. I love Tailyn sex appeal and her beautiful smile she has and she always gave bodyyy. However, I like how expressive Jordan was and the high energy that she had. Micah had high energy from the back but I honestly felt like she gave me nothing this season. Even though Gabby season was not bad or terrible it also was not one of my favorites either.  I thought she killed buy you a drank and later on in the season she really showed out.

You don't think the Yellow uniform from this season can be fixed?? Lol just remade a little bit??? Add a little this and a little that??? Or be gone with the uniform ??

nsuking2005 said:

Well, I'm definitely not one of those fans...I was never Team Jordan (and I'm still not, to this day lol). While I don't know what thought process Taylor had for picking Gabby as captain over Jordan, it was a decision I fully support. In an era of strangely stiff Dolls, Jordan's form has always been especially atrocious and just isn't something I had any interest in seeing up front. If y'all were able to enjoy her as a Doll, that's great for you. It just really wasn't for me. lol

But regardless of how anyone feels about the decision, I think the fact that the Dani/Jordan stans were so beholden to that continuation, combined with how Jordan responded to Taylor's decision by taking her ball and going home, all came down as a sea of hate on Gabby and it was absolutely unfair. While Gabby wasn't everything for me, I commend her ability to power through all the hate and give us a solid season.

And I've actually grown to really like the metal blue Bayou Classic uni...them bringing it back with the buns at Homecoming last season sold me. I don't see this growth repeating itself with last year's yellow Bayou uniforms, however...those can stay in the closet forever. lol

TheStandJudge said:

I think most of us can agree we really, really , REALLY! Wanted Jordan or I can assume one of 15 to lead after Dani. I firmly believe it was simply wrong time that made people so upset with Gabby. Including myself which I'm disappointed in cause I usually go for the underdog! Also I did not want her as a second year captain and idk why now that I look back. Cause I definetly believe we would of had a better season than what we got this past season.  

nsuking2005 said:

I watched the interview last night and enjoyed it. It was actually really interesting to get the insight into how Gabby put those great field routines together. It was also cute to learn why we got that extended run of white uniforms her season lol

I've had my gripes and critiques, but I do find myself appreciating a lot about her captain run more as time has gone on.

justDANCE said:

Gabby's side of her reign as capt!:

There’s a difference between not your pick/style and hot mess. Gabby never disappointed me, but I loved her Doll style and the way she throws stands.


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