Sooooooooo Who Yall Pulling For for Captain 14 out of "TWELVE"? Two Year Captain like DT or will they Alternate Next Year? will there Be a Co Captain like Seaera and Casey. Will they every try the row by row again?

who Will lead Our Girls?

Kayla J,

Kayla P,


or Josie?

hmmmm, im pulling for KP, she's so smooth,. 

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Wrong thread..This should go in the dance forum?..and besides this has already been discussed in the dance forum you're late!

its a link to dance forum under forums at the top right

yeah there's a dance forum. it's a GROUP

Team EVelynn !

How was the 4th of July Southern Band Picnic that they have in New Orleans ?  Did they have one ?

Lady Evelynn said " A DOLL LINE FOR THE PEOPLE "   That cracked me up----it was off the CHAIN !!!!


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