2017-2018 SU Dancing Doll auditions are this Saturday, May 20th. On this day they will announce the 15 finalists. The actual 2017-2018 team will be announced on Monday, June 5th!

Follow the forum, the SU media team and other outlets for all the updates. I know we all can't wait to see what happens. 




2017: ???? May the odds be forever in your favor.

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Well you dont know what connections I may or may not have. These girls and band staff DO have friends and family. So I dont think its your business to comment on who I may know. 

And as far as your last sentence, you are just repeating what I wrote in a previous message. Thank you for confirming what I said. That was Very nice of you. 

I dont know why you seem to take offense to what I said, because Im basically advocating for people to leave these girls and band staff alone until you know for sure. 

And posting my OPINION on something and posting INACCURATE FACTS are two very different things. 

I know emotions and drama is running high, so I get why you wanna keep up an argument. But thanks for your time!

P.H. said:

There have been times when you've provided inaccurate information, too. You make it seem as though you have an inside connection, but you spread hearsay, too. It's best for all of us if we just wait until a credible source makes the official announcement. As far as why certain members made or didn't make it, that really isn't any of our business.

Jason said:

thats not true. there was no altercation with band staff. 

AND they ALL walked in with mugs cause the entire has a "no smiling, no laughin, its WAR TIME" policy when at these specific types of events. Same policy that had with TxSU, same policy that had at JSU BOTB 2014. 

Have you ever thought about , if that WAS true, why would that SAME band staff appoint Maya as captain in Dannie's absense, and even for the entire offseason? I swear, some of yall dont be thinking, and I have no idea where yall get all this false ass information from. Its scary some of you can ruin these girls' names and reputations over lies, hearsay, and gossip. Wow.

Ballet&ShXt said:

I swear you guys dot pay attention to anything. Let's refer back to the first Crankfest thread (with JSU)last year.

Maya and Alyx got into an altercation with the band staff while at dinner. Y'all don't remember those mugs they marched in with? You don't disrespect the staff!!!! Sorry to see both ladies go, but it's all about respect.
She's 23. Just turned.
Not "thanks for your time!".. Chile, that sound like a work email. Lmao!!!


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