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Looks like they’re wearing Bayou Classic ‘06 today!

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They look great! 

I love Taneria, but I agree. They could've given her spot to another girl if she was going to have to sit out for most of the games. 

Vamped09 said:

Yeah Neri shouldn’t have made the team yet y’all try to say her injury ain’t serious CHILE 

The Dolls field was fire!!!!

Yesssss!..straight heat!

Truth_Serum said:

The Dolls field was fire!!!!

YEEEEEEEES FIELDDDD.  Man 9 is their magic number. 

I can say that I liked this one, or that first count!

**Off topic**

Think back to 2016 Queen city BOTB (16’s first EVER doll performance and before all the drama)lol. If someone told you that in 2019; Jordan would still be on the team but never captain and back at ace, Gabby would be the former captain, Taneria isn’t dancing for majority of her senior year, Taylor isn’t on the team anymore, Camryn Harris is on the team, and Micah is captain....what would you say?? (Consider your initial thoughts on these girls for their FIRST performance.) It’s nothing serious... I was just thinking how crazy that would have sounded to me back then lol. GROWTH!!!

I think I posted all of the 5th quarter.

They need a better music rotation, and no more Ain't Mad At Ya please. 


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