Is SU band making the trip down to Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Mississippi?

If so, what are your projections of the battle?

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Didn't the BD get fired for Valley?

Okay, I was fine with your standpoint on things until I read this. Look, I appreciate JSU and it's fans because I know that they've got something special going on over there with their program. I respect their band and have realized (and known for a long-ass time) that they are one of the best college bands in America. That being said, just because others decide to distort facts and other stuff doesn't mean you have to bash the entire program. We're "on the come-up" as some would put it and looking back at years past, I'm proud of the progress that his band has made. But after the comments you've posted and the little quips you have had with Kennis (and at one point, you had a good argument with strong foundations, and didn't have to resort to petty crap like this), I can't wait for JSU to bring their asses down here. You've just added fuel to my fire. This year, we're not gonna be the "Doormat of the SWAC". We're gonna put up a fight. A damn good one at that.

Hell, if SU would've came, yeah we probably would've taken the L, but not  without getting a few licks in ourselves.
Tiffani said:

I don't blame SU, valley is a joke all the way around and I'm glad that SU isn't wasting their time, money and energy on that devil band.  valley people are so fake, they talk about JSU but hell JSU keep them from being closed by the Mississippi Legislature.  March on March on.

DaEdge1 Productions said:

No we are not going to MVSU 


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