SWAC Launches New Championship Logos
Courtesy: SWAC.org
Release: 06/21/2013
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HOUSTON, Texas – The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), the first HBCU
Conference to host two championships in professional venues in the same city,
released their 2013 football and basketball championship logos today.
The release of the logos comes after the conference made the announcement that
championships for both sports will be moving to Houston, Texas.
The football championship game will be held at Reliant Stadium, 2013-15, while the
basketball tournament will be hosted at the Toyota Center 2014-16. The 2013
Toyota SWAC Football Championship is scheduled for Saturday, December 7, with
the basketball tournament set for March 11-15, 2014.
“We are excited to reveal the new SWAC Football and Basketball Championship
logos. As the SWAC continues to honor our heritage, we look forward to advancing
and growing the conference,” said SWAC Commissioner Duer Sharp. “These efforts
have started by moving the championships to Houston and providing a visual that
reflects our move and advancements.”
The SWAC Football Championship will also include the Battle of the Bands
competition with all of the conference’s member institutions. The contest
will begin immediately following the football championship game at Reliant
Stadium and admission is included with purchase of a game ticket.

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Told y'all bout 3 weeks ago that our Alumni Chapter received and email from the swac commissioner about this SWAC BOTB... It will include the other 8 bands not participating in the SCG in a field show battle similar to Honda. From what I understand from our Chapter president it will be judged.

Here are my questions about this BOTB..
1. Since the 2 participating bands that are there representing their school do a show at halftime, do they do another show for the BOTB?

2. The game ticket gets you into the game, well what happens when people wanna leave out and come back in for the BOTB? Or the people that don't wanna go to the game, but show up for the BOTB? How will the swac staff handle this?

They will go the same route like they did in 99 in Bham. To answer your questions:


1) NO they did their halftime that's it. [They can start the game at 12:00pm and it ppl won't get out of the stadium till 9pm. That will be too long to sit at the game.


2) The game ticket is for both the Game and the BOTB. You can always go into the game but their should not be a reason for you to leave then come back out. plus it ease the flow of traffic. I imagine if you brought a ticket just for the game that would be on you...or the BOTB. You can always just wait till the last min to come into stadium but you won't get a good seat. How are you gonna make someone get up out their seat and they watched the game also.

ChrisGSU ....you should have thought about what your question. Like play it in your mind on the scenario.


a great example is to look what they did at Legion Field in 1999 at the SWAC Extravaganza.


Preciate your answers...but who said they were gonna use the same method that they used in 1999.... This is 2013.... The

And my question is still, how will the SWAC office staff handle this?... Thx for your attempt but I'm sure confirmation of how this will be handled will be answered soon....
Im sure the swac has a commitee over this and the botb thing is great for attendance but that stadium ugh mics everywhere....will all bands be in the stands or just waiting around.

i pray that they have a stand battle

It wont be a stand battle bands will do their show and leave unless some decide to play until the event start but im sure that wont happen plus I can tell shows will be 11-15. This botb is field shows and only a handful of takes their field show seriously.

Trying to buy tickets for the BOTB SWAC competition on December 7, 2013.  This is the first year that my family and I will attend.  Would someone please tell me what side of the stadium the bands will face when performing.  Will they face the western side or the eastern side? This is a new experience for us and we are looking forward to the BOTB.



You might want to call The SWAC Office for that, but it might be a safe bet to say its (at least) The Home Side.  Ticket wise it sounds like it's a part of the SWAC Championship Game ticket, but you might want to call The SWAC Office to confirm.


Waste of time and money!

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