Does anyone know the seating arrangement for the bands and who may be going out of the west? I know it's between SU and Gram...or is it too early to tell?

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we gon let the game speak for itself . how about that .
Good idea

Any GIVEN SATURDAY !!!   Throw out the records from the pass TWO YEARS SIR ---its a new DAY  !!!  Reapeat Jaguars for the 2nd time when was the last time did ALCORN WIN----Southern is fresh off of an Major Bayou Classic WIN----you can't get any HIGHER then that-----GEAUX JAGUARS 
Skeet said:

Yep.... We took a "L" from jsu.... I quess y'all were reserved for the past 2 seasons....

ONE PLAY----check the SCORE OUT ???
Speedy_Gonzales said:

SU won on a fluke play by JSU..they just got lucky!
... Ummm yeah.... Check the scoreboard playboy...
Congrats Alcorn. Much love for bringing that thang back to Mississippi.

Congrats Alcorn!!! Way to represent the Sip! First time I was ever a Braves fan lol

Big ups to the Champ, Go Braves

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