WHO had the BEST debut? 

NOW that ive seen majority of the squads, my top two are STINGETTES and J-SETTES(So Far)!!!!! HAIR, MAKE-UP, UNIFORM, SYNCRINIZATION, MATERIAL all played a part! 

My season anticipated match-up is JSettes vs Stingettes

Honorable Mention: MOTION....


What are your ranks? 











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LOL awwww Chuck!! <3

Chuck Taylor said:

I think it all boils down to peoples individual favorite teams because I didn't see any one team that out did the other. Everyone had minimal mistakes but did AMAZING jobs. I'm impressed with the entire SWAC so far.

#1. JSETTES!!!

then JANAE and Nyah! Lol 

(PV girls are serving though) 

everybody else was cute. 

1. J settes 

2. Stingettes 

3. Everybody else




F what ya'll heard. But the Black Foxes brought it Sunday at the BOTBs.. field and stands. 

Collectively all of the SWAC squads had pretty good debuts.. Each had minor things that can be fixed but I enjoyed seeing all of the squads this weekend... MY only gripe is that Grambling stops dancing while the Orchesis are dancing.. Thats soooo tacky and distracting 

Yea I think everyone did amazing the first week. I'm rooting for everyone SWAC! Stingettes came out the gate swinging which was to be expected, Dolls def went there at the BOTB, Jsettes killed the 14k, Black foxes look amazing to be a bigger squad. I think everyone did good. Once everyone get those first game jitters and kinks out the way, this will be a beastly season for the SWAC across the boards. Even the bands have stepped it up!Motion proud of those girls too. Im def a happy camper. 



Black Foxes

thats all for me. Dolls aren’t there yet. They did all that secretive mess for a really bad first showing.

I will say this I expected more a battle between the Settes and 14k and ummm yet 14k did nothing for me which is shocking 

Almost every hbcu squad besides stings, jsettes, gg’s did the same routine this pst weekend. Turning stags, double turns, turns in second, leg extensions, leaps forward and in second. Threw their hair around. I. Some fashion. It was hard to remember what each squad did. What happened to having a style? Technical is great however, the moves and transitions seems to all feel like stings or dolls (dani era). It’s gotten boring. I feel like ggs and settles and stings are the most entertaining because it’s something different. Even tnst looked like similar to everyone else. Stands and march ins looks like everyone is picking up stings choreo. I’ve seen black foxes do stings march ins and counts.

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