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Orchesis coming up in the world. Danced with B, and now they got a series on youtube. And look at Kayla, thought I would never see her with the squad. 


Congrats Orchesis!!!!

In the early 00’s I really enjoyed Orchesis.....something happened were they were not consistent in later years but like I stated in the other thread....Orchesis has been very consistent this season. Everybody talking about they want teams to take points from Beyonce Coachella experience and all I was thinking is that Orchesis has been doing that this season. I didn’t even know they performed with Beyonce. Any, yes the field routines have been good also.  I’ll have to checkout the YouTube series! 

Now THIS is what I want to see! Far from my favorite dance team but I love seeing them at their best like earlier yrs and now. This is also an example of great leadership, I loved seeing how  their system worked.

Can someone tell me when Kayla (Bring It!) decided to transfer from Stillman to GSU? I aint mad at it, in fact I applaud her move to dance in a company like this, as it will definitely make her an even greater dance in many areas as talented as she is. Kudos to her

Orchesis shows this season have been very clean and technical. They’re one of the Swac squads that is often overlooked but people don’t know those girls practice all day. They take Company classes at 4-6pm break then they return at 7 to work for field. We always offer intensive workshops all season as well like last week was the ballet intensive and that’s mandatory they attend. There’s so much talent at Grambling it’s unreal. Lyric has been doing a phenomenal job and she’s a technical goddess , she transferred in to Grambling from AMDA. If you guys stay tuned you’ll get a closer look at the way things operate here at GSU. I’m beyond proud of my girls and if y’all ready for a battle they’re coming to cut up at the classic because wheewwwwww that Fieldshow is DIFFICULT TO THE MAX.
They showed out last year at the classic and I would expect noyhing less this year. Their uniforms are always on point as well.

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