Texas Southern/Houston Dynamo Stadium Pictures, Almost Finished

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FrostyNacho said:

Man, that stadium gonna be so empty, they're gonna have to sit the home and visitor's crowd on the same side just to make it look full lol

I was thinking the same thang....But hey, congrats TxSU


number1 said:

Don't worry, we'll break the stadium in for ya'll in 2013 when SU comes back to town. lol
lil_j said:

Who knows, this corner section at the top looks nice. or the endzone. Bands would need to be pushing some sound though.

New horns, new stadium, 1st game in it is vs the Boom, Man it's going down!

I think TxSU can develop a decent fan base, With the new venue, train, and location TxSU can if they put together a few winning seasons. 

TXSU missed their chance, GSU isn't going anywhere, and SU is starting to get back to normal in football.


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