Seems to me that the Stingettes are really off to a great start. Also, I'm happy they got this uniform out of the way. I'm hoping they will premiere some better quality uniforms. Nevertheless, Amber is doing an amazing job, so far. They aren't coming out the gate swinging but they are consistent, and I love that! What are your thoughts? 

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The way Asia was rooting on her daughter, Amber was also a highlight last night. I think she may have even cried.

I'm loving how the stingettes came out for their first game.
I absolutely love amber she's like a mixture of fire and ice. Very spunky but cool at the same time.
Jada McClain will forever be in my do no wrong book for the stingettes. She's absolutely stunning and puts the F in Finesse.
Yasmine Yasmine Yasmine!!!!!! The girl has eat. Not to mention she's literally out dancing the vets on the first row. So clean so poised and so polished. I definitely see captain for her at ASU. She is definitely living in the moment making her mark with the stingettes. She's already a fan favorite!

Can't wait to see what else they have in store for us this season!


Alumni Stingettes performing to "Hollywood", on their 10 year anniversary. 

Ok Amber I see you cutting up!! Stands are on fire!!

Loving my girl Amber !!! She knows her music Asia taught her well

They are looking really good this season. Absolutely beautiful girls!  I'm actually amazed because they are usually the latest squad when it comes to tryouts and they are killing it. I wonder if this is a routine they auditioned to. I also notice they are sticking to old counts in the stands and haven't debuted anything new yet. Smart move. They definitely appear ready though!

I would just loooveee for them to have better quality uniforms. I did not like that lace they had on for Queen City but their bodies made up for it. I hated when the 2013 squad had a pantsuit similar to that. And this black uni reminds me of '07 but it's just something about that material and dull sequin strips that cheapens the look. No shade. They have set the mark high for themselves in the uniform department and have had a lot more misses than hits since Lisa exited. I'd love to see those quality uniforms and designs again.

I know I say this damn near every post, but this is why I was pressed for Amber to be captain. These girls are looking like 14/15 all over again. I like Amber's captain style.. still refined and soft but with some fire to it. The field is growing on me, just waiting for some cleaning in some spots. The uniforms weren't bad, I'm just patiently waiting for them to return to Lisa Porter levels. I'm surprised it wasn't much footage of them, we used to get atleast 8 videos each game.
What's the latest in Stingville? Y'all are mighty quiet on
the stings are still slaying the stands. amber is a asia jr.
Yea it's been quiet on the Stingette end. They were off to a good, solid start but these clips tonight... What is going on? They are dancing like their backs & feelings hurt!
Does anybody have a single clue on who Bridgette is talking about?

Ha! She needs to be STOPPED. She is UNPROFESSIONAL 

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