Ok. Since the season. Has pretty much come to an end. Who were your 2017 squad(s) of the year? Mine in no order were 1. Dolls. 2. Delight & 3. 14k. These squads imo had a stellar year. But 14k slayed the field like something serious this season lol.

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Best routine of 2017, so far! (Field routine, Stands don't interest me) 

1. 14K

2. Golden Delight

3. Dancing Dolls

14k has definitely had the best field shows this season. Other than them. GD. Dolls, & Motions have held it down this season. Settes had their moments & Stings.

**Stingettes , Settes, Dolls had moments - just no consistency.
14k, Golden Delight, & Dolls!!!!

1. Divas (Consistent on the field, stands, and marching parade performance) Since day one in the scrimmage they have captured the audience with new and old fresh counts.
2. Dolls (Consistent on and off the field) They have moved to more sophisticated sultry dance moves that's keeping their audience attention. 
3. Stingettes / 14K (They are like the ying and yang right now) The stingettes have done wonders on the style and grace and stand features at times, however, the field presence has been lacking. The 14K have done wonders on the field and for the most part in the stands, however, something is missing. I would light weight put the #2 spot. 

Overall everyone has stepped up their game this entire season! 

Dolls - loved them in the stands this season.  The field shows had a few glitches, but I'm pretty sure they could be ironed out.  Their aesthetic has been on point as usual and, it's the best outside of Golden Delight in my opinion.

Divas - they have been a really consistent squad on and off the field this season.  They're very technical dancers.  They've become quite the battle squad that doesn't back down and serves attitude.

14K - stands and field have been energetic and on point.  They just need to clean up some of their stands to provide optimum unity.  I love their rapid fire and their look has been nice this season.

Golden delight - they've been coming with it as usual.  Aesthetic is always on point.  I think they have one of the deepest closet of all the HBCU dance lines.

Black Foxes - have gone under the radar, but they've been having a very clean season on the field and stands.

Lane College Blaze - is straight fire in the stands and are coming for squads.  Their field shows have been good as well.  They band on the other hand needs improvement.

Honorable mention:

Stingettes - the haven't done bad, however the consistency is missing that the previous years have had.  I admire their ambition for incorporating more technique, however some of the ladies can't perform all of the elements added or they're missing the marks on the movements.  I honestly feel they're being held back as far as creativity is concerned by their administration.  They have a talented squad of heavy hitters.  Let the girls dance and provide excitement that we know them for. 

J-settes - their stands have been pretty fire, however the field has been up and down.  Not bad on the field just not as energy packed as I'm used to seeing.

Satin Dolls seem to be on the come up.  I hope they continue this upward swing.

Ebony Fire is definitely an honorable mention for their field shows this year. Mahogany In Motion and Ooh LaLa HM for field shows as well.
golden delight
black foxes
1 Dolls
2 divas
3 golden delight
4 stingettes
5 j-settes

I really feel like the dolls are just do consistent on and off the field. They may don't buck and pop but these girls have it together.

The divas are so damn consistent and technical there biggest strength over any other squad is they are versatile. They stay battle ready and me I can't wait to see who will be captain next year. I'd like to see them be more consistent with nice uni's that work for everyone but I love me some divas!!!!

The common thing with the stingettes and golden delight I like these girls but I feel like they are opposite the GD are good and technical on the field but not like I'd like to see in the stands. The stingettes are fucking beasts in the stands and could be slight more consistent on the field.

Overall the squads are really stepping up and being more versatile, I appreciate the level of. Competition and damn sure effort from these girls

As of November 10, 2017, this is how ESPN ranked the dance teams.


  1. Black Foxes
  2. Dancing Dolls
  3. Golden Delight
  4. Dancing Divas
  5. 14K Dancers


So funny! We all know how untrue that is but carry on like you all usually do...too busy Slayin here! FabDD!

Congratulations Black Foxes! Y'all better bring it at Honda, because 14K will be the best squad y'all will face or faced this year! 14K, don't play at Battle of the Bands! 1 minute is all 14K needs on the field to let you know, they are the best!

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