Ok. Since the season. Has pretty much come to an end. Who were your 2017 squad(s) of the year? Mine in no order were 1. Dolls. 2. Delight & 3. 14k. These squads imo had a stellar year. But 14k slayed the field like something serious this season lol.

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Easily... All the teams had flaws. I still think the choreography was stellar but in certain parts of the routines, she piled complexity on top of complexity and everyone didn’t execute the moves as well. And yes it is my opinion... just like you think the divas where amazing . Lol

I'm sorry I didn't see any so called complexity from the Stings this year. Especially at the classic. They looked horrific. The only thing that was nice was them entering the stadium but even that was a bit too much. 

*Were / Are amazing sis! 

Lol.. you are hilarious .. But thanks for the correction, I hope it made you feel better. You sound pressed as ever . I’m not even a huge fan of the Stingettes, I’m just giving credit where it’s due. I understand that in your head they’re your arch nemesis but give it a rest doll face.

You are really mad I see. LOL 

Hello all,

1. Golden Delight- Technique & Choreography was great this season. Alot more uptempo features.

2. Dolls- Loved the more classic Doll look this year. From looks to field choreography. Plus technique is always flawless.

3. 14k- Brought me the old sassy 14k flair back from the late 90s to early 2000s. With the addition of technique.

1. Dolls
2. Golden Delight
3. Stingettes
4. J-settes


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