Ok. Since the season. Has pretty much come to an end. Who were your 2017 squad(s) of the year? Mine in no order were 1. Dolls. 2. Delight & 3. 14k. These squads imo had a stellar year. But 14k slayed the field like something serious this season lol.

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AND THE 1st to crtizize THE DOLLS THE most, but WILL ALWAYS want TO take YOUR place the backstabbing!!!

Jason, SU Alum, and Honrae- do and say what??  Come again??

I have no clue where you guys are coming from.  What I wrote makes perfect sense to me and  I don't necessarily understand the cause of confusion.   This was not targeted at any person or group.   Just an observation.

Looks like I will have to start another thread, after all, so I can elucidate using visuals.  Coming shortly.

Le Sigh...

No, WHAT I'M SAYING is #THAT YOU need TO sit YOUR ads DOWN and #shut the BLANK UP !!@ POINT BLANK YOUR doing TO MUCH reaching FOR relevancy PERIOD..diva.

Proud of the Dancin' Divas!!! 

I am a jsettes fan all around and that will always be so I rock with them however you can sit up and say the dolls didn' slay on a new level some of y'll are crazy the team of the Year was the dolls and that' just a fact how how I feel I'm not going to bash anyone eles team but the dolls and settes I couldn' stop looking at them stings had some good moments on the field this year 

I think internet voting polls for The HBCU Dance Corporation's 2017 HBCU dance team of the year (and other categories) are open until January so go vote!



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