Seems to me that the Stingettes are really off to a great start. Also, I'm happy they got this uniform out of the way. I'm hoping they will premiere some better quality uniforms. Nevertheless, Amber is doing an amazing job, so far. They aren't coming out the gate swinging but they are consistent, and I love that! What are your thoughts? 

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Are you guy sure that's Bridgette operating that twitter page? (Which I'm sure you guys are correct) It's just difficult to fathom that a leader and a "professional" would conduct themselves in such a poor manner.  

Distasteful, uncouth and unacceptable..

100% sure it’s her who runs the page because it was created around the time that their tv show was on Lifetime and that was when the Stingettes had an official Instagram and not the asustingettes fan page.

It's definitely her. And I think it's a double-edged sword..... I can appreciate how vocal, transparent, and accessible she is on social media (especially compared to most other sponsors of marquee squads) but unfortunately you get both the good and the bad with that level of access & candor.

Bridgette has been known for reading fans (and haters alike) all over IG, but I didn't expect it to spill over to the Twitter account. Her lashing out at Keke and Kentrell was handled very poorly IMO, and really seemed like it came outta nowhere.... especially knowing it was all sparked by Facebook comments in a fan group. Just makes it seem that much more silly, unprofessional, and motivated by underlying personal issues.

In-house drama should always be kept in-house. That's one thing I definitely think both the Settes and Dolls (in that order) do better than most other squads.

She actually went off on the asustingettes fanpage a few years back, that was when the Stingettes had their own page. But I guess they’re cool now.

Yea that's her. I often see her communicate with Semaya & her mom on IG(that's gonna be interesting if she goes to State) and I've even come across posts of her correcting people when they say Jada is a vet and let it be known she hasn't even officially become a Stingette yet. And she's also quick to reply when people mention an ace or tail. That seems to be her pet peeve with the fans. LOL! I really think that's how you grow your girls and allow them to build confidence and leadership but whatever. That's her job and she's doing what she feels is best. That's really where Asia came into her own in '13 being tail and KeeKee loved it and cheered on every member of her squad. I do remember that was the year girls were dropping quick and they even had a tryout after the season started which brought in Silva(SP?). So idk what the drama may have been then but I know KeeKee's first year she let Ashley and some other former Stings have it on twitter because they were calling her crab class paper and she wasn't having it! LOL! So knowing how she takes pride in the Stingettes and how she was with her own team, she probably voiced some things that struck a nerve with Bridgette. And I caught that Kentrell shade but he's really made a name for himself. Can't knock him. She could actually ask him about a few uniform designs or a seamstress.

Anywho, I hope that's the last we see of it publicly because it really ain't our business. It actually probably shouldn't even still be stingette business at all bc that girl is long gone from ASU and ppl are going to talk til the end of times.

smh lawd she had a full moment!! She know she wrong for that!

So what’s the situation with Jada just being announced as a vet?
My opinion on Amber is that she doesn’t have “star quality” or that “IT” factor. We’re used to that up front from the Stingettes. She’s capable sure, but she doesn’t command my attention or shine bright. Other dancers -like Asia, Tey and Jada etc- draw our eyes and demand it. The best dancer isn’t always the best captain. They may have other qualities that got that spot for them

I agree, I think Amber is very talented and I appreciate her but I do agree, she does lack that "star quality" (in my opinion). This particular season just seems very "blah", like something is missing.

As much as I love Amber and as much as I've rooted for her since '14 amidst a sea of ppl who didn't see it for her...... I have to agree with this.

And what makes it especially bad is that this season (much like last season) has a DAMN good crop of talent...... these crabs especially are some of the best we've seen in a while, both on the field and in the stands.

I'm keeping the faith that she can still give us something amazing for MCC and/or Turkey Day to leave her mark. But it's starting to look like this is gonna be another "solid, but throwaway" season for Sting (a la 2006, 2011).

I totally agree K.K

I loved 2011 tho! LOL! Ro always shocked me. But that MCC show...LAWD! They had gorgeous unis too.


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