Seems to me that the Stingettes are really off to a great start. Also, I'm happy they got this uniform out of the way. I'm hoping they will premiere some better quality uniforms. Nevertheless, Amber is doing an amazing job, so far. They aren't coming out the gate swinging but they are consistent, and I love that! What are your thoughts? 

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Yall so 2faced. Just at the beginning of the season yall was saying she snatching wigs. Smh

I personally never stated that.

Well I stated that they were off to a great start and certainly commended them for that because they were looking good and the latest team to be picked so they weren't even together long and were solid. But...that's it. I didn't say they were slaying and snatching. They look good but are nowhere near the entertainment/wow factor the Stingettes are known for. And Amber is giving Amber she always did on the second row. She doesn't stand out. Could be what they need for the moment??? A captain to blend. But who knows. And the new counts haven't been sold. Not to me anyway.

Wasn't that a new halftime show and a new uni for you all this past weekend? No comments? Or y'all just stick to YouTube and IG?


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