Well, its that time of the year......High Schoolers are graduating and gonna start perptrating.....and really, some of the older people have been able to keep tabs on imposters....

But now, Bandhead is moving on and more people are signing up.....so I've decided to have a credentials check topic

Basically, this is a "rep you school" topic....but no need to get personal (like adding a name....heyal, some of yall i don't wanna know yall real name)

and for those that marched in a band, go head and rep that.....in a fraternity/sorority.....rep that as well....

Also, this is a "who are you" topic.....i know there are some people on here that are perpetrating a band/org....and its time to stop that.....

Lastly, this topic can point High Schoolers in the right direction....as far as getting information on admissions or requirements for the band

so I'll go head start with mine....

Jackson State University
Sonic Boom of the South
WT '03 -- Chalupa
Section Leader '05 & '06

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Prairie View A&M University Marching Storm

Kappa Kappa Psi, Delta Psi Chapter, Fall 92, #5

PSG Trumpet Section Leader 93-94

Point of the "V"

Miles college
Purple marching machine ""P.M.M." FA 04
Crab name: dexter King
Alumni 08

Alabama State University Mighty Marching Hornets

Miracle Band FA 04

S.A.X. #3 "Tenor Titan"

Drafted out of retirement DM#4 of "The Live 5" FA11


Alabama State University 2010 - present

Mighty Marching Hornet

T.P.O.G.I.H ~ S.S.D.

Randy Jackson, Smokey the Bear & Cleveland Brown

Alabama State University "Mighty Marching Hornets" "The Miracle Band"

S.S.D., T.P.O.G.I.H.

Fall 2005 T.A.F. (trombone section) #5 "Itchy" 13 crabs, 13 crossed. 100%

N Phi O, Inc. Fall 2005 #1 "Itchy"

only marched 05 and 06

graduated cum laude with a degree in communications fall 2010

St. Augustine High School

New Orleans, LA.


04-05 co section leader

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