What started off as an innovative way to break free from traditional baton twirling has turned into a dance phenomenon, inspiring the likes of Ciara and Beyoncé. J-setting is a unique form of dance, originating in the 1970s when the ladies of the Jackson State University band traded their batons for a creative dance style that would not limit them physically. Today, J-setting has become a sensation, making its way into pop culture and finding legions of fans.


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Let's go back in the day with those gorgeous darlings from Tiger-land.

Let's watch those gorgeous darlings from Tiger Land stomp those bleachers!

Let's Go Back In The Day with those gorgeous darlings!

This One's For Me And You, So baby put that glass down and turn the music up!

Go get your  smiliepopcorn  and let's go back to 2009 with those gorgeous darlings from Tiger-land!

Prancing J-Settes | Thee Seniors | Thee Finale

The Buck Down | S1E7: Makalah Whisenton

CONGRATULATIONS Makalah, what a great interview, you're so pretty and may you continue to fulfill all your dreams until they become a reality! SWEET DREAMS


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