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Its another count that they changed but I won't get started on that..... Someone just tell em to fix it and keep it the way it was.

Kayla was a little underrated too, but Ill leave that alone also. lol


SUarchitect said:

Right!  Just changing stuff to change it.  I don't think they consider the view from across the field anymore because of the cameras all in their face.  Counts like that give a flash from across the field. And i hate that they face forward on that count. The flash and the kick is to the side (traditionally).  This that mess I be talking about.  If it's done trsditionally then it should stay traditionally executed. You don't see any other squad remixing their veteran or traditional counts. ADD to the damn book,  don't change it altogether. Lol


Make Me Smile - Kayla Smith 

The traditional execution of that catch on at 1:12

Kayla did a really good job leading this song.  It had so many movements lol.  Definitely her strongest uptempo stand work. My overall favorite was Why I Love You So Much. 

Yasuo Meyers said:

I agree. I want them to go back to doing the older catch-ons like they used to do them pre-'17. They also need to focus on finesse and details. 

NewSU04 said:

I believe everyone is coming back.

I just hope everyone comes with HEAT this season especially Cam.

I want her to grow into herself, that's another reason why I feel that '15 was needed.

SN: It really irks me how they've changed up some of the signatures counts. I'm all for revamping here and there but the change up at the beginning is just so stupid to me. lol

https://youtu.be/6pJW6QXgsfk check it out at 15:13

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